Organic Baby Comforter, Baby Buddy


This organic baby comforter has been beautifully made with a red and pink stripe pattern. This toy is fair trade, vegan and handmade from upcycled, off-cuts of fabric left over from the production of organic baby clothes. Made by a fair trade organisation called ‘Under the Nile’. This toy is made from 100% soft organic Egyptian cotton, including the stuffing. These heavenly ‘scrappy’ comforter toys are so soft to the touch, they would make an excellent gift for a little one.

Comforters are amazing for helping a baby self-soothe, they help for the babies to feel safe and more relaxed. These comforters are quite often used not only as toys but also to help babies to fall to sleep, they bring ‘comfort’. It is recommended to wear a comforter on you (inside clothing) for a few hours, so that the it will absorb your scent. Your baby will instantly feel calmer and at comfort by the scent of your smell. When choosing a comforter for your baby, it is important for it to be made from cotton as this is a breathable and also machine washable material.

Handmade, fair trade, organic, and vegan.

This toy is machine washable.

Tested to EN71 and CE, and Fair Trade GOTS certified.

Please note: This comforter is approximately 24cm tall and 20cm length. As these toys are handmade, sizes can vary significantly. Dimensions are given as a guide only.

Part of a range of green toys UK.

Made in Egypt, 100% organic cotton.

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Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 24 cm

Dark red and pink stripes


100% organic Egyptian cotton

Age suitability

Suitable from birth


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